Winter – Survive the Storm and Withstand the Cold

₹ 190


ISBN : 978-93-89080-08-7

Winter is the second poetry anthology of Chaaru. This book is a journey. A journey you need to know about and learn how to finish. A journey of growing up, feeling lost and confused. A journey of finding love, cherishing it and then losing it. A journey of getting your heart broken, mind screwed and then learning how to unscrew all of it.

These pages were written to resemble and relate to all of your heartbreaks so you could actually see how much beauty is contained in your ability to handle such storms. It can even get worse. So, let’s get ready for the cold days and the storms. Let’s get ready for the Winter.Trust me, we are all losers at some point. It only matters how we handle the loss.

The question is, Are you ready for your Winter?