Unwinding and other Contemporary Tamil Short Stories

₹ 500


ISBN : 978-93-89080-049

Unwinding – and other Contemporary Tamil Short Stories is an anthology collection of selected short stories translated, edited and compiled by Ms. Jayanthi Shankar.

‘Never before has an English translation of an Anthology of Tamil short stories offered such universality, insight, and literary merit and indeed no other elicit authentic global voices so poignantly. 43 short stories of the millennium from 10 countries include immigrant stories as a global platform. These bring together first ever, a comprehensive selection of modern short stories that capture colourful contemporary global Tamil experience. This monumental compilation of a staggering 500 pages undertaken by Jayanthi Sankar, a prominent writer, and a thoughtful translator, brings to the surface important literary conversations that encompass the globe in its entirety. Tamil world will forever be indebted to her and all the writers.’

Appadurai Muttulingam, Writer, Canada.