Those Faulty Journeys

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ISBN : 978-81-7966-500-8

About Book
We don’t cross anyone by chance. Yet, scholars have been telling that it is impossible to mathematically model human relationships with numbers. Don’t you think these two statements contradict? When numbers can define the equilibrium and complexity of the vast cosmos, can’t they define the equations of human relationships? What if one such math model exists? How would it look like? How would it function? This novel attempts to give one such a satisfactory and logically rational model.Marriages are made in heaven. We don’t cross anyone by chance. But what if people glue together by chance? Our social system ensures just that while making us all believe that we are brought together by the great grand design. Meet the two Indian couples who share the same neighborhood. How far are they from the tail of the great grand design? What makes their journeys a faulty one? Read this novel to know how we all are part of a huge number system and a system of equations governs us all.