The Kailash Family

ISBN : 978-93-89080-16-2


The only permanent solution would be him embracing his Godly aura and going back to Kailash. It was entirely my fault. I shouldn’t have allowed Siva to take up the mission. I should have foreseen all of it….”

The Gods have stepped foot on the temple city for the mission! Will the Gods have fun or will this mission be a trap? Well, the Federation of Gods lead by the Olympians is not that ethical. Will they be facing the unexpected? Or, will they win their freedom from the Federation? Explore the history of the Kumari Kandam with Lord Ganesha and his girlfriend! Find out what happens between Vishnu and Lakshmi. And, make sure you don’t miss Naradha and Shanmuga’s pranks. Join the Kailash family in their one year adventure on Earth!