Subalternity and Inter – Textuality – A Poststructuralist Perspective


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“Subaltern”, meaning “of inferior rank”, is a term that refers to working class people who are subject to the supremacy of the ruling classes. The term has been adapted to postcolonial studies from the work of the Subaltern Studies Group. This volume of articles entitled “Subalternity and Inter-textuality: A Poststructuralist Perspective” attempts to delineate issues relating to the history, politics, economics, culture, anthropology, socio-linguistics and sociology of subalternity as well as the attitudes, ideologies and belief systems. It is, in fact, an attempt to speak for, or to sound the muted voices of the underprivileged, marginalized and silenced sections of the society. Subaltern Studies borrows from postmodernist background and methods for textual analysis. Subalternity cannot be understood without a reference to capitalism. Therefore, subaltern literature and criticism must also be explained in terms of capitalism and neo-colonialism.