Story of a Green Field

₹ 200



ISBN : 978-81-7966-463-6

Story of a Green Field is

  • Saga of the farming society.
  • Narrative of expressing the existence and subsistence of Marappan..!
  • Rustic romance of the meadow maiden Ponnumani…!
  • Legend of kali… who never realized that his plain deed itself is a sacrifice.
  • Descriptive tale of the exuberant and vibrant kumarasamy.
  • Account of the compassionate rustic noble women Thangamani…!
  • Legend of the farming civilization of the Kongu Landscape…!
  • Myth of the green field that sprawls wide around like a portrait…!
  • Aesthetic sketch of the blending of the unadorned characters with the typical occurrences of their life events.
  • Novel blossoms to influence the soul of the reading community.