Rise Of A Barefoot Boy HB

₹ 475


J T Wrapper

ISBN : 978-81-7966-487-2

An inspiring story of the long journey of a barefoot boy, from a middleclass Muslim family of Mysore, who lost his father at the age of 7, grew up with his five siblings under the care of his mother, survived the vicissitudes of life, yet reached his goals with determination and perseverance. He obtained, the highest of educationqualifications, became a professor, a national award winning researcher, and a Vice Chancellor to three major universities of India. This Journey had varied experiences, right from his early schooling, at the work places as a researcherand as head of the universities in extremely disturbed place like Kashmir and peaceful places of the south. In fact it reflects the invisible intricacies which are akin to such diverse societies like India. The author has attempted to connect the older and younger generations and inspire the new generations by making every stumbling block into an opportunity of success. But the author also has no hesitation to discuss the extremism in the Indian society, communal likes and dislikes which fortunately are also aggressively countered and balanced by a large population of moderates. The author has boldly expressed his views on thelacunae in higher educational Institutions in the country. He has an exclusive chapter discussing his views on modernization of Madrasas and importance of education to Muslim women. Reading through this autobiography, one also gets an insight into the functioning of Indian Universities, university administration and the politics at play in university campuses. The author’s experience and his success stories against all odds, make this a must read story for all academics, the Institution Heads and the present day youth. The read, leaves you with a feel that everyone has an opportunity to succeed if one has the art of finding an honest way through, in spite of the diversities and prejudices of the society.