Multiculturalism and the Social Fabric in Australia, America & India


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A cornucopia of thought provoking and well researched papers delivered at the International conference at Queen Mary’s College, challenges the accepted notions of multiculturalism and affords fresh insights into reading the writings of Australia, America and India. International and national scholars of repute have written cogently on issues that compel a fresh reading of the text. The book includes topics such as regionality, textuality and intertextuality, historiography, tradition, culture, diasporic and indigenous writing, marginality, discrimination and stereotyping. The range is an exciting interpretation of texts critiqued from the perspective of hybridity and hegemony, gender and ethnicity, alternative sexuality and ecological concerns that advance contemporary responses to texts.

Perumal Murugan , Sashi Tharoor, Salman Rushdie, Judith Rodriguez, Ania Walweiz, Lisa Bu, Chitra Bannerjee, William Dalrymple, Bharathi Mukerjee, Jhumpa Lahiri, Hung Le, Mira Nair, Art Spiegelman, Adrienne Rich, Eve Ensler, Paule Marshall, Patrick White, Irai Anbu, Don Delilo and Rohinton Mistry are some of the authors examined under the warp and weft of the Social Fabric of our contemporary multicultural world.

— Eugenie Pinto
Former Principal. Queen Mary’s College, Chennai &
Former Member, State Commission for Women