Detecting Techniques Of Sherlock Holmes

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ISBN : 978-93-90677-18-4

Description: This book explores all fifty-six short stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle so as to identify the detecting techniques of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. The identified techniques of Sherlock Holmes are categorised into three groups namely Cerebral Analysis, The Detective in Action and Collaborative Effort. “Cerebral Analysis” comprises of the techniques of Sherlock Holmes in which his brain takes a great part in the quest for truth. “The Detective in Action” exhibits the detecting methods of Sherlock Holmes that necessitate him to spend his physical energy. “Collaborative Effort” emphasises the indispensability of collaboration and presents the way how Sherlock Holmes utilises the support of his helpmates. Furthermore, the book suggests that the application of Holmesian methods in real life is certainly profitable which is substantiated with ample examples.