Dalit Literature, Art and Aesthetics: The Kerala Experience

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ISBN : 9789389080742

Description: Literature as a textual discourse has itself come to address deeply laden changes. With the arrival of social media and online representational possibilities, at least seemingly, spaces of/for representation have proliferated. Even as being Dalit literally flags the state of being fragmented and operates at the level of language, they do not have a unified literary premise to gather their histories and ideas of resistance. It is the need of the hour that there is an academic move so that research articles on Dalit Studies spread across regional geographies. The present volume is a small gesture in this direction featuring research articles and interviews and has sought to capture the sensitivity of multiple Dalit voices addressing questions of visibility and exclusion. Articles on Dalit historiography, films, art forms, and oral traditions become potent tools in comprehending, chronicling, and analyzing the experiences of the community in Kerala.