Manage Your Time Your Work Yourself

ISBN 978-81-7966-240-3

₹ 170.00


This book has been published under a licensing agreement with AMACOM, a division of the American Management Association, International, New York.

This newly revised popular book outlines seven steps that will transform time wasters into time masters. Covering every aspect of time management, it shows you how to :

  1. Set priorities
  2. Distinguish short-from long-term goals
  3. Schedule activities
  4. Analyze time
  5. Streamline paperwork
  6. Minimize interruptions
  7. Manage travel time and
  8. Conquer procrastination

A miniquiz at the beginning of each chapter pinpoints areas for improvement that you can incorporate into your own Time Management Profile. You’ll also find many work-sheets to complete throughout the book to help you better manage your busy life.